Day 10

Some more progress on the VHS project: string localisation is now possible and main UI is starting to look okay.

Check out the screenshot!

Yeah I choose the Kenney Tiny Dungeon asset pack to get started, otherwise I would've spent way too much time and possibly money fishing for slightly better assets on the 'net, and in the end I'll probably replace all of it later. If the game even passes the first playtest anyway.

In the afternoon I took a break and uploaded an alternative version of the AruControl template project for Construct 3, which uses a DrawingCanvas to display the video feed instead of an HTMLElement (which is still needed though, but now invisible). This allows placing objects on top of the camera input, since HTMLElement is always on top of everything else and does not respect Z index (at the time of writing).

This article was updated on 2023-02-17 13:01