Useful links

This is essentially a copy of the contents of my "GameDev" bookmarks folder. Until I figure out a better way to organize them, here's a slightly chaotic list.

Stuff I read / listen to

Coffee with Butterscotch

A long running gamedev comedy podcast by Butterscotch Shenanigans. The perfect mix of entertaining and useful, these folks are essentially my role models.

Game accessibility guidelines

A comprehensive guide to inclusive game design.

Levelling The Playing Field

Rami Ismail's blog / newsletter mostly on the marketing side of gamedev.

Cheat sheets and resources for programmers

Red Blob Games

A great collection of interactive visual explanations of math and algorithms on procedural generation, pathfinding and a lots of other topics related to game development.

Easing functions cheat sheet

A handy visual guide to easing functions.



Curated packs of free sound effects. game assets

Enormous amounts of audio and visual assets, some free, some paid. Here are my favourites.


Also known as "Asset Jesus", Kenney Vleugels is a Dutch artist who created a huge amount of high quality 2D, 3D and audio assets and made them available through this site, all under CC0 license.


I'm not a visual artist, so I only use this site to find pleasant colour palettes for temporary "programmer art", but it's still awesome. They also have pixel art tutorials.

Copious amounts of free audio and visual assets with various kinds of permissive licenses.


Not unlike Kenney, Quaternius is a super talented and generous artist specializing in high quality low-poly 3D assets made available under a CC0 license.



An awesome animation tool for turning hand drawn or painted animations into digital ones. Great for getting kids involved with digital art / gamedev.


An awesome browser based sound effect generator. It's very easy to use thanks to the included presets, but it's also very versatile if you want to get your hands dirty.

iOS Build Environment for Windows

A very useful build tool for Unity and Cordova projects targeting iOS / iPadOS.


A downloadable cross-platform sound effect generator.


A bunch of useful articles with interactive calculators if you keep forgetting math and physics equations like me.

Useful tools mostly for Construct 3 developers

Babylon.js sandbox

An incredibly useful tool for viewing and preparing GLTF/GLB models for use with Mikal's 3D Object plugin.


A 3rd party paid porting service utilizing a runtime made in C++ which implements a bunch of Construct 2/3 (and Multimedia Fusion) features. Might be a feasible alternative to the browser based runtime in some cases.

Font to sprite font converter

A great tool for generating sprite font sheets and padding data which you can import to your Construct project.


A JavaScript library for making traditional roguelike development easier. It has features like map generation, pathfinding, et cetera. Can be hooked up with Construct 3 fairly easily.

WaveFunctionCollapse (JavaScript port)

A seriously awesome JavaScript library for procedural generation based on visual patterns. I used this in our 2021 jam game prototype Groundflipper.

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