Day One

I'm starting an experiment today. My virtual idea drawer is a mess and I need to do something about it. Google Keep notes, text files all over my Dropbox, freaking audio recordings on my phone...

About a month ago I decided that I have to put a pause on making money (working on other people's stuff) because I clearly failed at my attempt to mix jobs with pet projects / creative hobbies in a healthy ratio. So I'm designating this December as "get your (own) shit together" month.

Today I'm starting this blog and I'll update it every day in December, hoping that publicly logging my progress helps me stay on track.

As first order of business I'm taking inventory and organizing all ideas, abandoned projects and half-assed attempts and putting them on either a "might do" or "probably won't do" pile. After that's done, I'm going to choose the first one either by preference or at random and get hacking and blogging.

Although I'm slightly terrified of it, but I'm also planning to stream stuff (especially game development), but I'm not quite sure that's a good idea at this point. We'll see.

This article was updated on 2023-02-17 13:02