Mediocre Container Package: my first attempt at Trijam

Last weekend I took part in Trijam #206, the 3-hour single-theme game jam that takes place every weekend on Itch. It was super fun and quite challenging by itself, but I decided to kill multiple birds with one stone: I recorded the whole process (the screen and my actual fat face) and even narrated it (albeit in Hungarian). I'm still editing the footage, but hopefully it will be up in a few days.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to take a look at what I managed to put together in 3 hours, check out Mediocre Container Package, the prototype of a wonky Super Crate Box clone. After the jam's voting period ended, I've pushed a minor update that fixes two issues and adds basic controller support too. The project file is also available on the Itch page if anyone is interested.