Level Editor Mayhem

Level Editor Mayhem (working title)


Back in July 2021 I've started working on a competitive local multiplayer platformer under the working title Level Editor Mayhem. After having so much fun playing Ultimate Chicken Horse with friends on a big screen I wanted to make something similar, but with the twist of not having rounds or build phases, just doing everything real time. My friend Tibor joined the development early on providing graphics, new ideas and helping with the testing.

Development slowed down a bit after a month and a half and I died down gradually around the 3 month mark (last update was on September 24).

I meticulously ran a devlog back in the day and all builds were made public from the start. The la(te)st version is available on Itch.

Future plans

This is a project that I really want to pursue (and possibly rewrite, not sure how the code aged). It probably has enough mechanics as is, it just needs boring stuff (menu, lobby, settings, etc), some more polish, playtesting and maybe a few more levels. Oh and a proper title.