[List] Twists and combinations

No details, just one liners here.

  • Airmech + Don't Starve: an open world exploration / crafting / survival game where you can switch between ground and air travel at any time
  • Mahjong with polyominos: match shapes and/or symbols
  • Unrailed + Pipe Dream with polyominos: place polyomino shaped rails quickly so the train does not derail, can't choose the shape, but can place anywhere in any rotation
  • Zuma (or something similar) with multiplayer: either PvP or co-op
  • Snake + Osmos: small snakes are eaten by big ones
  • Crimsonland, but you can teleport out of a sticky situation (press a button, quickly choose new location within time limit and radius)
    • additional twist: clone player instead of teleporting and control both of them (until one of them dies)
  • Katamari, but 2D: either side view or top-down, possibly featuring a bunch of googly eyes