Magic Pandemic (Trijam #247)

Last Sunday I had my first Twitch stream (in Hungarian), improvising a game for the 3 hour game jam, Trijam.

I was slightly nervous, but in the end I had a lot of fun and will probably do this sort of thing again. It's not my intention to grow a huge follower base and I currently have zero interest in taking streaming seriously, but I figured it could work as a coping strategy to mitigate some of my ADHD-like symptoms, like postponing fun hobby stuff indefinitely all the time. In the last few months I was checking out game jams on Itch almost every weekend, writing little notes and ideas for the ones I found interesting, but I either didn't manage to get started on any of them, or if I did, I lost momentum after a few hours. I'm hoping live streaming could help with that, even if basically no one is watching it.

I'm not sure it's worth anyone's time, but since it wasn't much additional effort, I put the edited stream up on YouTube. On the off chance you speak Hungarian and would like to check it out, it's right here.

The game turned out to be a pretty simple one (no surprise there), partly because I was narrating everything I was doing and because I wanted to stay inside the 3 hour window. You can play Magic Pandemic on Itch if you want, the back story is on the page, instructions and controls are shown in-game. It supports 4 control schemes: gamepad, keyboard, touch and technically mouse as well, but I do not recommend that. It seems to be running okay on mobile devices too, but the text UI glitches a little on my Android phone.

If you feel the need to follow me on YouTube, Twitch, Itch, Tich, Mick, Beaky, Dozy or Dave Dee, please feel to do so! :)