Music Miner Marty (HEJ 2024 Feb jam)

We finally ventured into rhythm game territory, which has been on the Lasermagnet Games todo list for quite some time. 

After skipping the January edition of the Hungarian "Havi Egy Játék" ("One Game a Month") jam I was delighted to find out that themes for February included "on the beat", which served as an excellent excuse to finally make a rhythm game. Tibor came up with the idea to make something like SteamWorld Dig / Spelunky but with a musical twist: swinging the pickaxe in sync with the beat.

We started making the game on the 29th of February (thank frack it was a leap year :) and had a relatively cozy deadline of March 5th to finish. About 70% of the process was also streamed on my Twitch, but I'm not sure I'll upload the archives this time.

Music Miner Marty is available on Itch, it already received a post-jam update (bugfixes and UX improvements only so far), the original jam version can be found here for reference.

And here's a little gameplay:

Naturally we have a bunch of ideas we might try to add later (combos, tougher blocks, touch input support, enemies, falling blocks, et cetera), but no promises of course :)