PowerCharger 4269 (for Juice Jam II)

Our little "studio", Lasermagnet Games (i.e. Tibor and myself) participated in GDB Juice Jam II and produced a game prototype that we are quite content with as is, even though it's far from finished.

The main criteria was to make a game that is juicy, and after watching a couple of videos on the topic it was clear that juiciness or getting the right "game feel" is quite an important bit that we haven't really focused on before.

Here are my main takeaways post-jam:

  • From now on I'm going to use a bunch of juicy techniques from the Vlambeer cookbook in all our future games. For arcade games they should basically be mandatory.
  • We are still quite bad at time management. The day before the deadline we've made major changes to the mechanics and added a bunch of (although planned) features. The last day was about bugfixes and a very limited playtesting which meant that the game was quite unbalanced (but thankfully it's on the easier side).
  • We need to do more jams this year. It's great fun, rewarding and a great learning experience still.

Without further ado: check out PowerCharger 4269 on Itch! We have plans for updates that might or might not happen.