Rule of Threes (Trijam #256)

Rule of Threes

Yesterday I did another live stream and made a puzzle game in three hours for Trijam. It's playable, but wonky.

The jam's theme was "only three" and this time the game's concept came pretty quickly during a post-lunch coffee just a couple hours before I started making it. I wanted to create something that looks a bit like Bejeweled et al (colorful shapes in a grid), but plays more like a sudoku or nonogram puzzle. I like those kinds of "deterministic puzzles", but as I've anticipated, coming up with a proper level generation algorithm is not an easy task (for me at least). So until I have a eureka moment and figure out how to generate levels that can be solved without any ambiguity, the game stays in it's current janky state.

If you're willing to give it a go despite this, you can find Rule of Threes on tch. I also uploaded the stream archive to YouTube - and yes, it's in Hungarian again. I'm considering doing the next one in English though.