TowerBall (working title)

After some playtesting, movement tweaking and expanding the test level, I decided to add TowerBall to the 2023 prototypes list.

The latest version is available here, it's optimized for touchscreen devices and portrait orientation, but it's playable with a mouse and a landscape viewport as well. Feel free "install" or "add it to home screen" on your phone (eg. with Google Chrome), it works offline and also lets you know if a new build is available. You just have to restart it to update to the latest version, there's no need to "reinstall it" .

I'm going to keep playtesting it and ask a few friends to do the same. Once movement and the controls feel right, I'm going to finish the level editor so Tibor (or anyone) can get started with level design and I can add more stuff. Well, that's the plan anyway :)