Windy Physics

As if two "active projects" (that's a generous term) are not enough; I've started building a prototype for a game from this list. Windy Physics is essentially a 2D side-view physics puzzler mainly inspired by The Incredible Machine and Lemmings.

The first build should include ball spawners, bouncy balls that the player needs to guide to the right place by placing objects that affect their movement, static walls and maybe a few hazards and should be available some time today. Tomorrow tops.

The latest build can be found on Itch.


Update 1: the first public build is up on Itch; it has basic editor features (tools for moving, rotating, deleting wind generators), walls, ball spawners and balls. More tools and actual level targets are coming soon.

Update 2: I've added an exit where balls should be directed and an objective (number of balls required to complete the level). There's also a timer and some visual flair (yeah, I like particle emitters). I should probably add an "inventory" next and figure out how to store and load level data (then probably make a basic level editor).